What Goes Into Proper Tenant Background Checks?

S2Summary: Do not forget to carry out proper tenant background checks because it is one of the best ways through which you can get quality and good tenants.

While renting out your property, it is obvious that you want good tenants. After all, good tenants can give you quality sleep and complete peace of mind. You will not have to ask for rent repetitively, but on the contrary, good tenants will tend to pay it timely. Moreover, if you have a good and long-lasting relationship, they will also be ready to extend the contracts with you. Moreover, there will hardly be any chance of potential problems or hassles in the future. Therefore, it is wise to make all the appropriate steps through which you can get the highest quality tenants.

Screening Potential Tenants:


The appearance and attitude of a tenant might not help you get precise idea about the tenant. Therefore, it makes sense to carry out complete tenant background checks so that you are sure about the tenants that you are sealing a deal. You know that such tenants will pay your rents on time and will not damage your property. There are many ways through which you can screen your potential tenants. Here are few things that you can do in the process to get the best.

  • Make sure that your tenant completes the entire application. If you want, you can get a sample rental application from your local real estate association or you can even create your personalized application. It should cover everything that you need to know about a tenant.
  • Some of the common things that you can include in the application are the current and previous employer, current income status, financial information like bank details, balances, credit cards and minimum monthly payments.
  • The application should also include the contact details for previous landlords, the lifestyle information like the numbers of pets and the numbers of occupants.
  • You should also run a credit check that should include the credit history, credit report and current debt.
  • Do not forget to run a background check because it will give you a precise and detailed report of the past records of the tenant. You can hire companies that will investigate the same for you.
  • You should consider the following factors like evictions, public records and criminal records of the tenants.
  • If the need arises, you should also contact the previous landlord or the employer of the tenant.
  • One of the most important things that you should not fail doing is to interview the tenant directly. By giving calls to the prospective tenants, you can know more about them.

Highly Beneficial Process:

In the recent years, with the rising threats of safety of the properties and increasing numbers of criminal tenants, it has become very essential to conduct thorough tenant background checks. You can take the help of a professional company to obtain complete information regarding the tenant, in lieu of certain fees. In any case, do not forget that as a landlord, you will have to screen every tenant so that you do not have to face any risk in the future. After all, you do not want to repeat the process of evicting a tenant.

Total Appraised Value Can Determine If Property Is A Good Investment

Summary: The total appraised value is certainly helpful in determining the loan approval process and determining he overall value of the property.

There are many people who view the idea of investing in real estate as investing in stocks. However, in order to make maximum profits from their properties, it is important for real estate investors to determine the value of properties they buy and also the amount of profit the property will generate in the future. Well, a property can generate profit in large numbers of ways. This can be either through property appreciation or through rental income. At times, it can even be a combination of both these factors that might help in determining the actual worth of the property.

Determining The Value Of Your Property:

One of the most important ways of determining the value of your property in the market is to get the total appraised value of the same. Well, it might not be an accurate method, but it is the most common and subjective method of calculation. There are professional appraisers that consider different aspects before determining the appraised value. Consequently, you can get an idea of whether the property is worth the value of your investment.

  • The evaluation value of a property is based on a particular time when the appraiser is considering the market rates in comparison with other properties. The appraiser is chosen by the lender like banks before granting loans for the purchasing process.
  • The amount require for appraisal is paid by you as the property owner. This is because it is through the appraisal that you get to know the real worth of the property and make your decision regarding the buying of the property.
  • The entire loan underwriting process depends on the appraised value because it determines the total amount of money that might be borrowed and also under different terms. The loan to value ratio is generally based on the overall appraised value.
  • If the loan value ratio is greater than 80%, the bank or any other lender will ask you buy private mortgage insurance. On the other hand, if it drops to 78% with the new appraisal, the insurance payments might be eliminated, as a whole.
  • The appraised value can also be made after the sale of a property. A low value will in any case affect the ability of the buyer to purchase property because in such a case, the loan amount might seem to be high in accordance with the value.

The Role Of An Appraiser:

The main role of the appraiser is to perform the service of determining the appraised value of the property. They do not represent the interest of any individual or bank. The total appraised value report should be written in a clear and precise format so that the readers can determine the exact worth. You should not overlook this process, even if, you do not want to acquire loans from banks. The process of appraisal will help in getting an idea of whether the investment you have made or are planning to make is worth it. Things will be easier in the process and you will be satisfied.

Are Property Taxes Different For Rental Properties

Summary: It is a great idea to invest on rental properties because you can expect to get deductions on property taxes compared to any other property.

Rental properties are certainly great investment because of the constant cash flow that you get every month from your tenants. In fact, you will also be happy to know that rental properties not only benefit you in terms of the rents, but also in terms of tax reductions. Owning properties are associated with paying property taxes. However, when you make use of the same property for renting, you certainly enjoy greater benefits compared to any other property. This is the reason for which increasing numbers of people look forward to renting their properties in today’s date. It is very common for a rental property to produce profit and experience loss on your taxes.

Enjoying The Benefits Of Tax Deductions:


There are millions of landlords that pay more taxes on their rental income because rental properties offer great numbers of tax benefits that any other forms of investments. In fact, the property taxes on the rental properties are available with greater benefits than any other properties.

  • The income that you generate from rent is one of the benefits from your rental property. The payments increase the taxable income and hence as a landlord, you must keep an accurate record of the rents of each property.
  • The tax treatment on the rental property depends on whether the income is passive and generated by a business or for renting for personal purposes. It is important to understand that each of these factors will impact the taxes in different ways.
  • The costs of owning rental properties are also allowed for deductions. You can realize the significant tax savings with adequate knowledge and good record maintenance.
  • There are various kinds of rental expenses involved in the procedure. Right from the mortgage interest to property taxes and other deductions, lots of factors are taken into consideration in order to make significant savings on the properties.
  • Make sure that you are well aware of the available options. You should rightly identify the kind of property that fall within the intended strategy.
  • You should also try to partner with those that are experienced in this field so that you can acquire considerable knowledge on the same.

Understanding The Tax Deductions:

As mentioned, there are several factors on which you can experience deductions for your property taxes. Interest is the biggest deductible expense. Moreover, the actual cost of the house is not fully deductible in the year when you pay for it. The cost of repairs on a rental property is also fully deductible in the year in which they were incurred. There are several other deductions that you can expect to get from your rental property. This is the reason why they say that it is best to make use of properties for rents instead of keeping it idle. The benefits that you will enjoy for your property will be exceptional, and you will get great returns from the same. If you have not yet rented your property, it is time that you consider the same. You will benefit from it, as a whole.